Travelling again

Today I left Puerto Madryn on another journey. This time it was to Mendoza and then to Chile.

Bus to Mendoza
My bus to Mendoza. I sat just above the side door on this side.

This is the same route that I took just a little over two months ago when returning to Australia. This time however the snow was not a concern when crossing over the Andes mountains and a three hour wait in Mendoza was all it took before I was on the bus to Chile.

Santiago Mall
Santiago mall in the middle of the city.

Arriving in Santiago early in the morning from my overnight bus, a strong black coffee is needed to get me through the day. There are a number of electronic errands that are only possible here in Chile. The little township of Puerto Madryn has none of these services and Buenos Aires has exhorbitant prices that are truly unreasonable.

Free Hugs
“Abrazos Gratis” = “Free Hugs”

During my wandering through the mall, I came across a couple of unusual types amongst the throngs of people. They were just standing there with big smiles on their faces holding large signs in the air that read “FREE HUGS.” Most people walked right on past, some smiling at the thought, others commenting on such an unusual sight. Every now and then somebody would come up to get a hug, and the sign would be lowered for a moment. Each person that was hugged walked away with a big smile on their face. What a cool idea.

Road to YWAM Chile
Walking down the road to the YWAM Chile base.

At the end of the errands, a short bus trip took me to the YWAM base where I find Ricky and Rosy practicing for their wedding tomorrow. 36 hours of continuous travel, a day in the city withouth rest, and then suddenly I was roped in to help out with wedding preparations.

Wedding Preparations
Ruth and Louisa making candle stands. My job was finding the green stuff.

I didn’t mind. It was for this very reason that I had come.