Arriving in Lima, Peru

The bus ride from Tacna to Lima took 22 hours, leaving at 2pm one day and arriving at 12pm the next day. Once again we were on a long journey. Passing through customs was without any problems and we took advantage of the small shop there and the delay in getting the bus through to grab ourselves some better food than the sandwiches that are offered on-board. This was the last sign of civilization for a long time.

boarding the bus
Boarding the bus in Tacna.

The desert area here is completely barren and very hot and dry. There seems to be no plant that grows in this landscape and yet as we drive along the road, the only sign that this inhospitable land has been invaded by people, suddenly great concrete jungles of cities loom up and we are engulfed by their myriads of buildings. Within these cities there are sections of grass, trees, and other signs of life, distracting the inhabitants from the grim reality of the desert that encircles them.

International terminal
The international terminal in Tacna, Peru, filled with international taxis.

Before long the night comes, and sleep along with it. By the time we wake up, we have passed through Pisco and the earthquake zone and are getting very close to Lima. Some heavy traffic greets us as we move into the capital city of Peru and our bus labours to move through it. Finally we are done, we reach the bus terminal and grab our bags. What happens next is still uncertain. Six days of travel so far, with four of them on buses.

Going through customs
Passing through the customs search building. We make it through easily but the bus delays in getting through the gate.

We should be moving onward, finishing the journey. But we cannot. A visa problem left one of the students stranded in Buenos Aires, and we need to wait for her to arrive at the airport here. The question now is who waits and who goes. So it is time for lunch, and some decisions. We take refuge in Paul’s uncles place, using it to store our bags so we can go out for a meal and stop at internet for a moment.

Green next to desert
When the green ends, the desert begins immediately.

Sandy and few rocks
Finding rocks in this desert was very unusual.

Green and brown
The difference that a little water can make in such a dry place is amazing.

Selling to the bus passengers
Every time the bus stopped we were swamped with people trying to sell things to those on the bus.

Local village
Passing through a local village, supported by a nearby river.

River in desert
Streams of living water in dry places… a strong flowing river for such a desert area.

Beach resort
One of many local beach resorts as we near Lima – the next day.

Rich beach community
A rich beachside community on the outskirts of Lima.

Main street in Lima
Finally we reach the busy streets of Lima, Peru.

Stopping in Taxi
Stopping outside the house of Pauls Uncle to find a refuge in the middle of Lima.