Good Customer Service

One of our door-locks was broken and it looked like we would need to replace it with another complete lock. But on a whim I pulled it out and raced down town to see if there was any chance of paying for a repair. In Argentina there are moments when this is possible, as some people hang onto the inner parts of bits and pieces.

The outside of the shop

In Argentina the prices are also pretty high and all repairs are paid for, unless you know the person doing the repair, which comes under friendship and therefore is either free or very cheap. I did not know the shop owner at all, and so presented him with the broken lock and asked if any sort of repair was possible, expecting a reasonable cost.

The man went out the back and I heard some bangs and noises as he presumably worked on my request. It was over five minutes before he finally returned, with the lock working perfectly again. Great. I asked him how much it would be, but he turned and waved me off, saying that there was no cost at all.

Stunned. Surprised. Thankful. All of these things come to mind when I remember that moment. In a place where you pay for everything outside of friendship, and where you often get charged more just for being a “gringo” or outsider, this kind of service was above and beyond.

So if the shop owner can read English… I just want to say thanks. That was awesome customer service.

Inside the shop