Movies and Music

I have just finished watching a movie where the guy gets the girl amidst formidable odds and everybody lives happily ever after.

It was a great movie, but inevitably, at the end of the film we must return to reality. I do not know about you, but my reality is normally far from what I have just seen and experienced on that big screen. To compare myself with the (contrived) reality that is in the movie, there is little in common. The beauty, the excitement, the lifestyle, all so very different. Then there is that amazing ability to skip through all of the boring parts of life and only live the interesting bits.


Something that struck me recently is how the lives of the actors are always immersed in music. Music for when they are sad. Music for when they are happy. Music for when they are in love. Even for when they are scared. It was this that got me thinking about music, mp3 players, and the pervasiveness of music.

Everywhere I go people have music plugged into their ears. Huge ear muffs to tiny earbuds, from the car to the train station, while working or playing, studying or sleeping, even during conversations. Music has pervaded our society in every area. Piped music, personal music, radio stations, mtv, concerts. Music is everywhere these days.

This is where I started to see it. Is it any wonder, if we have all been feeding on these movies now for years, where there is music that suits every situation that the actor goes through, that there would be an increased number of people wandering around the streets with headphones stuck on or in their ears? Walking about while listening to music creates a feeling of energy, of motivation, of everything turning out well in the end. It creates your own movie where you are the main actor.