A Week in Buenos Aires

Before leaving Argentina I headed to Buenos Aires for a week. There was still one YWAM base in Argentina that did not have a website yet. My goal was to give them one by the end of the week. It worked.

Through a lot of hard work and some very late nights, it was possible to piece together a website for YWAM Capital Base by the end of the week. This was not without its problems, but with a lot of work and the effortless work of Silvana by my side, we finally did it (now replaced by a newer version done by another).

Working on the website with Silvana

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I would like to take a moment here to praise the work of Silvana, one of the staff at the base, who worked tirelessly alongside me to help ensure the site would become a reality. Even though it was not her job and even against time pressures to complete other work that was very important, she took the time this week specifically to help me out. During this time she searched out difficult to find information, photos spread across many different computers, site designs, and much, much more. Without her help it would not have been possible to do what we did in that week. Thank you Silvana.


Of course a week in Buenos Aires is not complete without going out with some friends, and I took the opportunity to hit the town with Danny and then later in the week took Silvana out for a well earned rest and we caught up with Ruth, a friend from New Zealand.

IMG_4669.jpg IMG_4769.jpg

Before I knew it the week was over and it was time to continue my journey. So taking my bags in hand I headed out to the taxi, bid farewell to my new friends at the base, and continued on towards Australia.

IMG_5791.jpg IMG_5807_2.jpg