Christmas by the Beach

Only one week after arriving in Australia I have been living at the beach in a caravan with my family. Time here goes both slowly and quickly at the same time. Each day is filled with nothing, and nothing is one of the best things you can do. A sleep here or there, reading the paper or a book, watching the waves roll in to the shore or the people on the beach, diving into the water to cool off and ride a wave, catching up with some emails, and wandering around the shops.

It is a life of nothing, a very relaxing few weeks set aside amongst a busy schedule to help remind me that it really is possible to live this way… at least for a little while.

Taking up the van Waves

Towing the van up to the coast… A wave rolling in toward the shore.

Playing in the surf

My dad playing in the surf with his grandson.

The beach

Another perfect day at the beach.

The Caravan Park

Life in a caravan right on the beach, towered over by the high-rise apartments behind.

Sunset over the Beach

Sunset on the beach.

Evening by the Beach

An evening view of the beach and its (currently) placid waves.

Christmas with the kids

My nephews playing with their train set on Christmas day.

Opening Presents

Family watching on with the boys as others open their presents.

Rock Crab

A rock crab, cornered and wary of the camera now poked in his face.

Overcast Skies

Clouded skies coming through just before a fierce evening thunderstorm typical for this area.

Fishing Time

Joseph fishing in the surf, with his youngest son watching on.

Baiting Up

The two boys baiting up in anticipation of the next big bite…


Waiting patiently for the anticipated bite.