New Years at Mooloolaba

Somehow, this part of the beach has earned a reputation for being the party area. As such, every year they celebrate the New Year with lots of fireworks, bands, and activities along the main street which is closed and fenced off.

The evening is divided into two sections, with family friendly events and activities running from early afternoon until the culmination of their day with fireworks at 8pm. Just after this the main events for the evening started to gear up, with concerts, buskers, and roving acts throughout the night until midnight when the largest of the fireworks celebrates the New Year.

My old year ended at about 11pm when I crawled into my bed, and my new year began at 12.01am when everybody on the beach started screaming and shouting “Happy New Year” for the next ten minutes.

So Happy 2009 to all of you. I trust that this year brings you closer to your dreams, nearer to your loved ones, deeper in your convictions, and stronger in your faith. Have a great one!


The fireworks at 8pm

The 8pm fireworks for New Year’s Eve. The main crowd can be seen standing on the lit beach to the right of the fireworks, while this was taken from a distance at the entrance to the river harbour.

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Foodstalls with a view over the beach

Food stalls were doing a roaring trade along the waterfront, with selections from all around the world. Even this early in the evening with only small crowds, the lines to get food were very long.

People lining the beach

People line the beach edges ready for the family fireworks at 8pm. The main fireworks event at midnight is huge and attracts massive crowds from all over the coast and Brisbane.

The beach in the new year

Yep, the beach is still just the same for the New Year… and the water is just as refreshing. I checked just after getting up today.