Starving Yourself Can Be Healthy

No foodIt started from a feeling that God was asking me to fast… after all, fasting is talked about all through the Bible. Then it continued with a realisation that most of the food I was eating was not really good for me. Finally, it all came to a head when I received a book I had purchased about fasting that turned out being all about health. It showed me that a fast was what my body needed to re-establish itself, allowing me to begin a new, healthier diet.

So now I had two reasons for fasting. The first was to seek more of God, and the second was in search of improved health. There was only one condition though… it had to be a pure water-only fast. Nothing, not even juices or drinks, could be included if it was going to be for health also.

It seemed easy. Just stop eating.

Over the days I wrote my experiences in my diary. Since there seems to be so little fasting these days, I decided to transcribe my diary entries here to share a little of my experience during and after the fast…

Saturday 5th (Day 1)

Today I have decided that I am starting a LONG, water-only, fast. Starting now. I am always “preparing” or “thinking about,” or whatever – but it is all delays. It is time for action, and that action has to be now. So, pain and all – I am going to do it. How long? At least 20 days.

I spoke with Jorge today and mentioned the fast – he told me that the first 3 days are hard but it gets easier after this.

Sunday 6th (Day 2)

Day 2 of my water-only fast. Yesterday was surprisingly good. Although hungry, I never felt ravenous, and did not have any unusual headaches or pains. Today however, I have woken to a racing heart and extreme weakness. I almost feel faint, it is so strong. It is my heart where I feel it the most – almost like those adrenalin rushes that I used to get – but kind of continuous.

This whole thing is important to me, so I’m pressing on – have to pass day 3 at least. There has already been a noticeable difference in my relationship with God. It is like He is just here, with me, and I can talk with Him much easier. My consciousness or awareness of Him has increased too.

(11pm) It has been a really hard day today. Very hungry, very weak, very tired. I have slept lots today. Now it’s time to sleep again – and I’m glad for it.


Tuesday 8th (Day 4)

Day 4 of my fast. I never imagined that I would be able to make it this far. The whole idea seemed beyond my ability, yet here I am. It feels like God has been holding me up in His hand, helping me through this time. I am now in the phase where you are not meant to experience hunger – I haven’t really experienced hunger at any point along the way. None-the-less, there is a constant low-level gnawing in my stomach all the time.

God is closer now. I hear Him much more easily, but not in all the answers I am looking for.

(10.30pm) Have felt better today on my fast. Not stronger, just better – even played a little football, but as the goal keeper.

Wednesday 9th (Day 5)

(4pm) I am weak. Sleeping at every chance. I am hungry. Mouth has strange taste that doesn’t go away. It feels furry. Heart beats crazily every time I walk somewhere. Standing up produces lightness and a little dizziness. Even lying I breathe heavy for a while.

Will I last? Will I go the distance? I don’t know. For now I take each day as it comes, and today I think I can get through.

Thursday 10th (Day 6)

Day 6 of my water-only fast. I am very weak now, and struggling to do normal things. To continue will be hard, as much is required of me in the base. I have decided therefore, to break my fast. My desire was to reach 10 or even 14 days, the idea of 20 becoming completely impractical. But now I see that this was pride – a desire to be able to say that I fasted for 10+ days (into the double digits).

Looking through my list of questions and desires [that I presented before God] I see that every single one of them – bar one – have been answered. So clearly there is no more motive (other than cleansing my body) to continue this fast. This, combined with my weakness is sufficient to show me that it is time.

There has come no low point, no moment that I could not bear. Today was the same as the other days. I could have continued on yet another day, but it is now not making any clear sense to continue.


It is 5pm and I have started the eating process with one mandarin. Later I shall eat more, but a little at a time. This time though, I shall be eating much healthier – fruits and vegetables and salads.

Friday 11th (The day after)

My first day after the fast. It is 10am. I woke today with a semi-headache, probably caused by the white rice I ate last night. My throat also hurts from the acids of the apple, and later, the tomato I ate too – it stings. What surprises me most is that after eating last night I thought I would have strength today – but it is not the case. I feel almost as weak as when I was on my water fast. What a crazy thing is our body – so hard to understand.

Saturday 12th (Second day after)

My strength is returning, but eating this heavy food is hard for my body. I’m really looking forward to eating the fruit and vegetables now. This other food makes me feel like I’m slowly killing myself. Wow, what a difference in attitude that has come over me since this fast!

Today, though, has been hard. I am tired, both physically and also bodily – as in from the food. Sleep and some decent food would go a long way.

Well, the fast ended after six days, and I was surprised at how it took over two days for my body to recuperate the strength it had before the fast. A notable side-effect of the fast has been an acute awareness of just how heavy some food are, and the oils and greases in some of the foods. It has completely changed my diet.

Would I do it again? Certainly. Not only would I do it again, but I would also recommend that others also try it. It was a very positive experience apart from the weakness.

Starving yourself can actually be healthy!