New Years Eve

New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate with friends and family. We left our church location this morning to come and spend the time here in the YWAM base in Bariloche, with friends. This had a secondary benefit of allowing the pastor and his family to get together without worrying about us being present during a family time. We were both happy with the decision.

Fireworks in the base.

Setting off firecrackers to celebrate the new year.

So after arriving in the morning, we then set about helping with the preparations for the evening. Yes, there seems to be quite a significant focus on food here in Argentina… but I like that. Then, when everything was done, we headed out to town in the afternoon to spend time connected to Internet. The rest of the world was waiting for us, and this was the first time since leaving Puerto Madryn that we have had available to be connected.

When the evening came, we all gathered to hear a word that God had given Patricia, the YWAM base director here in Bariloche, for the new year, and then we sat down to enjoy a delicious meal of lots of meat and lots of salads. Afterwards was desert in the form of cakes, chocolates, sweets, and fruit salad. Delicious. All of it was just delicious.

Finally the time came for us to say goodbye to 2009 and welcome in the new year of 2010. We filled our glasses ready for the toast and then went outside to wait. It was windy and cold, but within minutes we were all toasting and smiling and saying goodbye to the old year. Fireworks started to go off everywhere, somewhat staggered according to the tardiness of each clock, and they did not stop going off for well over an hour.

The new year had begun. This new year is a year of many changes for me, a year of many desires coming true, and one of great joy. I am looking forward to this year, 2010, and all that it holds, both known and unknown.

May you also have a wonderful new year in 2010.

Miguel and me standing at the top of 300 steps.

Standing at the top of a huge staircase (over 300 steps) walking to the YWAM base.

The YWAM Bariloche base

The YWAM Bariloche base (now rendered and painted outside).

Lamb roasted over hot coals. Delicious.

Lamb roasted over hot coals… a delicious Argentine “asado”

Patricia sharing a word from God for the new year.

Patricia (the YWAM base leader) shares a word from God for the new year.

Dinner time together.

Dinner time all together.