Church and Buildings

Today, I wrestled with a powerpoint in the house for the morning. The electrical tubing in the concrete wall ended inside the wall and it took a while to work this out. Jorge and Isa Rios and Miguel and Olga Montt both arrived with their families in their cars. They had come from Puerto Madryn and stayed last night in Esquel, and tomorrow they head to Chile. Our evening was spent in a local church, teaching the youth and then participating in the main service in the evening, where Miguel was preaching. YWAM Bariloche is quickly outgrowing its current location so I went with a few other people to check out the new place they are likely to move to, before continuing on to the church a little later.

The church

Patricia leading the church for the evening.


The new Bariloche YWAM base (God willing)

Heading out to the church

Heading out to the church together.

The 300+ steps we had to climb

The top of the 300+ stairs that we have to climb every time we head to town.

Miguel preaching

Miguel Montt preaching in the church.