Clowning Around

Down in the centre of town, some of our team dressed up as clowns to help with some of their varied presentations of the gospel to the people in the Civic Centre. There were skits, music, and some funny acts all put together for the people who were present. I was busy working in the base, fixing electrical outlets and adding needed fixtures to the windows and doors. These things had been needed for a long time so it was great to be able to help them out with that, but there was enough time to race down town and check up on how the team was going…

Clowning around

Group photo with the daughter of a tourist family in the plaza.

Preparing the clown

Preparing the clown (Gaby) outside the National Bank.

Gaby and me in the plaza

Hanging out with Gay in the Civic Centre of town.

Nahuel clowing around with the guitar

Nahuel and his guitar caused quite an attraction.

The old catholic church in town

A beautiful old church on the coast of the lake next to the city centre.

Fixing some electrical cables for the base

Connecting wires for a new powerpoint in the base.

Pato preparing pizzas for us when we return

Pato with her brother Emilio cooking pizzas for everybody when they return tonight.