Free Day

Today was our free day. We get up early to head over to the YWAM base where we will be staying for the next week and discover that one of our co-workers from Puerto Madryn has arrived in Bariloche. He was still asleep but we went and woke him up in a very friendly fashion. Then it was time to head out on the town.

Waking up Dawelky

Waking up Dawelky in a friendly fashion.

In town we look for internet, but cannot find a place that either works or accepts my laptop. So in the end we head to a chocolate factory and find one of the most comfortable chairs in the place to sit and enjoy some of what they have to offer. Not only did they give us great food and drinks, but we also were able to use the Internet while here.

Enjoying Rappa Nui Chocolates

Enjoying the delights of Rappa Nui Chocolate Factory.

The day ended when Dawelky had to get to the bus terminal to make his trip over to Chile. We see him off in a taxi and then return to the base to relax and enjoy the afternoon. A true lazy, free day.