Outreach – Bariloche Day 6

Today is our last day in the church that has hosted us for the last week. After a later start to the day, I head out with the pastor to the girl’s house. Just near here are hundreds of apartments in high-rise complexes. With a lot of robbery and violence in these complexes, we walked throughout their paths praying against these things and asking for God’s blessing over them.

Barrio Ayalen

Prayer walking through the neighbourhood, asking for God’s blessing over the place.

To return we ended up walking over two kilometres until we reached the city centre. This was not strictly necessary, but we were hoping to find a place to recharge the bus-card that the pastor had. With a bus-card the cost is $1.75 per person, but without it we would have to pay $3.00 per person. In the end we had to pay $3 per person anyway, as there was absolutely nowhere that you could recharge.

Back at the church we enjoy a hearty lunch. Everything that we eat here is home cooked, from the bread to the pizza to the empanadas, to the cakes, every single part of these foods are home cooked… and delicious. We also check out the brick wall that Miguel was helping Luis build in the kitchen (the same one as we were working on during the first day). It is now almost finished.

As I was going to be preaching in the evening, my time was spent in the house preparing for this message. The rest of the team went out to evangelise in the neighbourhood, and then spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing. During this time they were also given the opportunity to ride horses, something that most of them enjoyed.

Finally it came time for the evening church service. I was very concerned because the word that God had given me was actually a very hard word. It was one of correction, and something that I didn’t want to have to give, but knew that I had to. In the end, God’s guidance was felt during this time and although it was a hard word, He helped me to give it in a way that was not too harsh.

After the service we all headed back to the kitchen to enjoy cake and dinner, and slowly the people started to disappear. Around 1am it was all over. We said goodbye to all of our good friends that we had made over the week and then headed back to our homes. This was our last night before heading back to the YWAM base. This would become our home during the remainder of our time here in Bariloche.

The famous old church in Bariloche

The famous old church of Bariloche, with Lake Nahuel Huapi behind it.

Miguel on a horse ride

Miguel riding on the back of a horse. His “guide” is a 13 year old boy.

Guillermina and Miguel in a skit

Miguel playing “Christ” along with Guillermina in a skit before the church.

Preaching the hard word

Giving the church a hard word in the nicest possible way.