The Changes of 2010

What I am about to tell you is something that I probably should have told you a while back. Not that it really affects your life in any way greatly, if at all. It does affect my life however, and for me the changes that it is about to bring will most certainly be permanent.

  • The first of these changes involves moving
  • The second change involves permanently residing in Argentina
  • The final change is family


Ushuaia YWAM base – the place to which I will be moving soon.

The first of these changes involves moving.


During the last almost 4 years I have been living and working in YWAM Puerto Madryn. I first arrived there to celebrate the 2005/2006 new year, staying almost a month during my holidays. Then, in July of 2006 I returned permanently, and have seen the base grow significantly during this time. We have built rooms and buildings, improved our facilities in many ways, added websites and internet and run many training schools. But my time in Puerto Madryn is coming to a close. Soon, I will be moving to a new YWAM base, a small base that is just starting.

YWAM Ushuaia is my new destination. This recently opened YWAM base is still in its pioneering phase. Joining this base means that there are many changes, challenges, and adventures yet to be faced. It sounds exciting to me, and is something that I have been hoping to be a part of almost since 2006.

The second change involves permanently residing in Argentina.

Argentina flag

Although I have now been in Argentina since 2004, most of these years have involved a lot of travel so it was unnecessary to concern myself with residency and permanent visas. Now, with the new changes that are about to happen in my life, this has become a priority. Although there will still be travel, the focus will now turn to other responsibilities. Currently I have been applying for what is normally temporary residency. This would give me 2 years in Argentina before needing to apply again, however with the changes coming, it is no longer sufficient. Only permanent residency will do.

This brings me now to the final, and greatest change, which is family.

My new family

When talking about family, I am not talking about my parents and siblings, nor about the greater YWAM family, although both of these are great. No, this time, family means starting my own family, which first comes through meeting and liking a girl, getting engaged, and then married.

So this year, 2010, is the year that I am getting married. I met Silvina Noemi Prado only briefly while visiting Buenos Aires back in August 2009. We talked briefly for about one minute about YWAM related issues. The only thing I remember from that meeting was that she seemed to be a nice lady, but I remember nothing of her appearance or other things.

I had been planning to help the Ushuaia YWAM base out with their website and an upcoming DTS for October, but when their plans changed, so did mine. Still, their website needed help and this was something that I could help them with anywhere, so I contacted Silvina regarding this work. All calls were work related for months. Then one day, when Silvina called me, our conversation lasted over an hour. Something changed on that day, as our call had become personal. To this day I still do not understand how it happened. All of our calls after this now had become personal too.

Silvina and me

So after falling in love with a girl because of who she was on the phone, it was time to visit her and see if things would change. The visit came in December when I flew to Ushuaia to meet this girl with an amazing personality. It surprised me to discover that not only was she everything that I had imagined her to be, but much more. No sooner had we overcome the initial awkwardness of meeting somebody that you already knew profoundly for the very first time, that we became the best of friends and spent virtually every waking moment together.

It was during this week that our relationship changed. We both knew that this was it, there would be no other. The love growing inside of both of us was accompanied by a deep, unexplainable peace, and a certainty that God was a part of this. We needed no further convincing and by the end of the week Silvina and I were engaged. Over the weeks since then I have only become more certain of my love for Silvina, and she of her love for me.

So that is why I will be moving to Ushuaia, and why I am now looking for permanent residency. Because I am getting married to a beautiful Argentinian.

This is a very exciting time, and 2010 is a year of great moments.