Who is Silvina Prado?

Well, that is easy to say… she is my girlfriend, the one I love. She is the one to whom I am engaged, whom I plan on marrying. She is a beautiful young lady of whom I had heard a lot but never met. When I finally did get to meet her, I had never encountered such an amazing woman. She took my interest very quickly, and the more we talk and discover about each other, the more we are both convinced that this is going to be a permanent relationship.

Our engagement day

Covered in flour and eggs… an Argentine tradition to celebrate a big event

So on Thursday, the 17th of December, 2009, I got engaged to Silvina Noemi Prado.

Silvina is the face of YWAM Ushuaia (YWAM Ushuaia), and has led many YWAM schools and been involved in YWAM for many years. She is mature and intelligent, kind and loving, and very beautiful. A nurse now turned missionary, she has a heart for many nations around the world and enjoys travel. Her desire to follow God has led her to India for a time, and now to Ushuaia. She is determined and willing, and gets the job done. A very people person, Silvina has many friends and many contacts. She is well known by people everywhere, and especially throughout the YWAM world in and around Argentina.

At the airport together

At the airport on my return to Puerto Madryn