The Best Birthday Lunch and Cake

Today was that time of year again, where my very special wife decided to give me a wonderful surprise lunch. This was not just any lunch however, as it included lots of friends and BBQ lamb on a stake, the Argentine way. This lamb on a stake is cooked by stringing the entire carcass to a double cross for the legs at the top and the bottom, and then angled over searing coals. Hours pass by as the meat is gently cooked until it is soft and tender and dripping with flavour. Yep, there is not anything better than that.


Not only did Silvina give me a delicious lunch with good friends, but she also prepared the cake. This was not just any cake, as it was filled with chocolate bits all through, covered in chocolate, and also had some other very special ingredients such as Mantecol. Yep, that cake disappeared super fast. Thanks Sil, you rock!