Faith Flying High

While in Australia we found this wonderful swing for our little girl. She was almost too small for it then, and the swing was too big for our bags, but somehow we still managed to get the swing in our suitcase and brought it back with us. Now hanging proudly in the front porch, it is one of the most requested activities by our little girl. Every time we go out though, she needs to be rugged up and prepared, then sat proudly in the little seat and strapped in for the ride. She knows where the straps need to go and points at each one, exclaiming, “Ah! Ah!” so that we would do it right.

The moment the swing starts moving a big smile sweeps over her face and she sits back and enjoys her moment of movement. Flying high is what it is all about.

Queen of the Sand Hill

We all have those stories. The one where your mother tells you how you used to eat dirt from the garden, or where you ate all of the hair off your golliwog or other such doll. I know I’ve been guilty. The thing is though, that they are simply stories. The pictures we make up in our heads of what we have done, and our imagination is pretty good in helping us visualise these sorts of stories too. However for our little Faith, this is now more than simply a story. It is now recorded for history in this video, a little rock here, a handful of sand there. Of course the video shows much more than this. It reveals a little girl who loves playing on sandhills, throwing rocks (don’t we all?), and eating them. Sounds like she takes right after me.

Birthday Celebrations

Today was my birthday party. I enjoyed it with family and friends. Emily’s parents were here too. My wife gave me an awesome pair of striped socks. She’s amazing.

birthday celebrations

It was a quiet affair, with just a few selected friends and some family. We sat around the table and enjoyed a delicious meal of fried empanadas and soft drinks.

The highlight of the day for me was actually from last night at midnight when my wife allowed me to open my birthday presents. I received these awesome socks, a USB pen drive, and a delicious strawberry topping. Perfectly me!

In addition to this, I have received numerous messages through Facebook, email, and even Skype. It has been wonderful to touch base with so many good friends.

Thank you everybody for helping make this such a special day!

Walking Ruta 40

# Walking Ruta 40 in the Patagonia

Richard Goodhead, who started his epic walking adventure in Ushuaia, is now on his way north on Ruta 40, the scenic dirt road that follows the Andes mountain range.

Richard and his cart

He has passed El Calafate, and continues onward in spite of terrible headwinds making progress slow, non-existent towns, a desperate lack of water, and a frightful encounter with Chilean police.

With a determination that does not leave him, a group of encouragers around the world egging him on through phone calls, messages, emails, tweets and Facebook, he is set to arrive in Mendoza before February.

walking away in the distance

Crazy Adventures


Richard Goodhead is a tall, unassuming man with a confident strut. When I met him in the airport he walked straight past with determination in his face. This determination is something he will need soon. Tomorrow begins his epic journey from Ushuaia to Aconcagua, Mendoza. Walking.

That’s right. This South African is planning on walking from Ushuaia to Aconcagua over the next four months. A distance of 4,000 kms.

Standing on the Toes of Angry People


This Bible was printed to be distributed in Ushuaia. They managed to distribute half of the Bibles that they had. There were thousands. The rest of the Bibles can not be distributed. They break a very important law.

You see, here in Ushuaia you cannot just talk about this city, or this province. We belong to a bigger vision than just here. This whole area is part of a living protest seeking to regain ownership of the Malvinas (Falkland) Islands.

As a result, any document, book or other propaganda must include the full name that belongs to this part of the world. That means that anything which mentions of Ushuaia or the province of Tierra del Fuego, must also include the Malvinas islands, and the Islands of the South Atlantic as well.

This Bible didn’t.

That is why it can no longer be distributed. Not having this full name is an insult to the ongoing protest. In the words of the city mayor, “It is treating the [Malvinas] islands as if they don’t exist, and as if we agree with the British occupation of them.”

It is like stepping on the toes of an angry man… something that you should never, ever attempt.

Faith Goes Shopping

Every time we go shopping, Faith gets to ride shotgun on the trolley. Asleep or awake, she loves it. The movement helps her sleep, and the colours and patterns of everything around her helps keep her happy while she is awake. This is a short video of her riding behind mum in the trolley.

Top 5 Lifetime Regrets

This is something that I have seen in the lives of others and my own life too. It seemed worth sharing.

If You Were Going to Die Today, What Would You Regret Most (and How Would You Change for the Better)?
by Adam Dachis,
February 7th 2012 2:00 PM

If you’ve lived you’ve made mistakes, and that likely means you’ve accumulated a few regrets along the way. How damaging would those regrets be if your life was about to end? What would you wish you’d have done differently? Susie Steiner, writing for The Guardian, reports on the most common regrets of the dying and they’re mostly things that could’ve been easily remedied. Do your regrets coincide?

Here are the top five:

  1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
  2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.
  3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.
  4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
  5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

Do you share any of those regrets?

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