The Call – Late 2002

Sometime later in 2002 a feeling started to grow inside of me that told me I was leaving soon and should get ready. But leaving to where? Get ready how? I didn’t really know. My decision at that time was to throw away and sell any junk that I was hording and I thought this would be sufficient. Little did I know how much more I would have to do.
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The Call – Early 2002

After wanting to learn a language for a long time I decided to take a language course at University. Having considered German and Japanese first I finally rested on a course that included Spanish, French and German in a combined degree. I thought that by taking this course I could concentrate on the languages I wanted (being part-time) and therefore learn them faster. However this was not to be.

Just after this, I started making plans to visit Japan. My younger brother, Brodie, was living there and during a phone conversation the previous year I had promised him that I would visit. So without the funds to do so I was making good on my promise and looking forward to spending time over there with Brodie and John, our eldest brother, who also decided to join us.

With the feeling that God was going to move me on soon and not knowing where, I considered this trip to be a great opportunity to see what Asia was like in case this was where I would be going. So I made plans to visit China and Thailand on the way back but never made it there. It was too difficult or too expensive to work in with our planned trip, so Japan was it.

After returning home from Japan, my interest in the place had increased dramatically to the point of considering living there. I started looking for opportunities to go. I found none, but was in no rush.

One day as I was driving to work, I was thinking through the money I owed in various areas. As I was praying, I had a distinct feeling of urgency to pay out all of these debts. Although it took a while to start this process, once I became serious with it a strange thing happened. Instead of only wondering if I was moving on and if so then where, I started to get some definite directions about it all, and it happened very quickly too.

The Call – 2001

Sometime late in the year I got a feeling that God was going to move me on. Sort of a gut feeling that you know something is going to happen but there is no sense of timing or detail to it. So I didn’t know where or when and figured that it would be a fair while away too. Therefore I simply kept these thoughts in mind but kept going with what was in front of me to do. There was no need to dwell on it greatly at the time.

I am leaving…

To my wonderful friends, good mates, and whanau. Greetings.

I have some news to tell you all…

it is now time to leave New Zealand.

That’s right. I am leaving Lifeway, FTN, and New Zealand. All at once really. And not too far away. I will be back in Australia (from whence I came originally) by the 28th of May. That gives me about 8 days left here.

And I will miss this place too. New Zealand is a very beautiful country and has tremendous customs and culture. The people I have met have engraved themselves onto my heart and I will surely miss them greatly. They have been a wonderful part of my life during the 4 1/2 years that I have been here.

What follows is a multi part series. First is my history in New Zealand and what I have done during my time here. Then details on how and why I know God has called me to South America will follow. This is the different events and processes that took place to get me to the point I am at now – holding a one-way ticket to Brisbane.


The Call – 2003

I went to Australia for Christmas and arrived back in New Zealand just in time to celebrate my birthday. To my surprise I was given a ticket to the New Zealand Parachute Music Festival for a present. This is a full weekend of Christian music concerts and speakers which is the largest event of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

Early February, a few weeks after Parachute, I was talking with Lauren, a good friend of mine. During our chat she asked me when I was planning to leave New Zealand. I didn’t know, but felt inspired to give a time even though I didn’t know any. With unusual confidence I told her, “I will be gone before June”.
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The Call – South America

Unknown at this time but a strong possibility is that I will be leaving Australia for South America in October. All I can say about this is that it is a strong impression that I have felt – kind of like the one I felt about March this year (which, by the way was the month that I got confirmation from Trevor). Only time will reveal the truth of these things but for now I am planning on leaving sometime around October.

So that’s my saga of New Zealand and South America. I trust that this brings some of you completely up to date. Thank you heaps for your prayers and support. I am so excited about moving to Australia to spend time with my mates and my family (except Brod who is still in Japan) before heading off to South America.


The Call – Intro

Well, now you have a brief history of my time in NZ. You are aware I’m going, but do you know the story of how I got to this point? What follows now is a series of 7 parts (not all at once) about how God called me to Argentina and how I know it was God. So sit back, relax and grab a coffee or something and then enjoy the read.

It all started sometime around 1989. I was deep in prayer in my room at the time, I don’t even know what I was praying about, when I heard a voice like a strong thought that told me how one day I would go to the continents of South America, Asia, and Africa for God. I was surprised. I had never ever thought about travel before, except the standard overseas experience in Europe. This came quite unexpectedly, but was something very exciting to hear. At the time I was at university though, and didn’t think I was at all ready to do anything like that anyway. So I kept this information in my heart, writing it down in my journal. Over the years that followed I all but forgot about it.

History of NZ – TNaT

At the beginning of 2000 I formed my own business – TNaT (Thiesfield Networking and Troubleshooting).

I had just got a job contracting to the Wellsford Medical Centre and needed a company to keep my finances separate. TNaT did this very nicely. It also allowed me to provide computer assistance to local companies around the area. I didn’t advertise and generally made myself available only one day a week, working for Family TV during the other four days. So with most of my one day focused on Wellsford, it was understandable that work from other sources was generally sporadic.

At Wellsford, I provided technical support, business decisions on future technological moves, and training and assistance to the staff. It has been one of the best places that I have ever had the privilege to work. They included me as a part of the medical staff, inviting me to Christmas parties and all varieties of events throughout the years. What an incredible honour that was. I am really sad to leave these people. It is hard to say goodbye to a place that has embraced me so kindly, with people as wonderful as they were.

TNaT is no longer now that I am leaving. I have passed my business dealings on to Andrew, my technical co-worker at Family TV. He is the only one I would trust with such a responsibility and have since spent the last number of weeks training him in the position.

When I leave New Zealand, I leave TNaT behind. It served me well while I was here, and will be a sad thing to leave. Most of all though, it is my friends at Wellsford that make it sadest.

They gave me a very beautiful poem that outlined all the truths and myths of my work there over the years. I was incredibly touched that so many staff took time out of their busy days to come and wish me well. They are a great bunch. I have been really looked after by them. Thank you Wellsford and crew. You are an awesome buch.

And then it was over.

But a new beginning was waiting.