Walking Ruta 40

# Walking Ruta 40 in the Patagonia

Richard Goodhead, who started his epic walking adventure in Ushuaia, is now on his way north on Ruta 40, the scenic dirt road that follows the Andes mountain range.

Richard and his cart

He has passed El Calafate, and continues onward in spite of terrible headwinds making progress slow, non-existent towns, a desperate lack of water, and a frightful encounter with Chilean police.

With a determination that does not leave him, a group of encouragers around the world egging him on through phone calls, messages, emails, tweets and Facebook, he is set to arrive in Mendoza before February.

walking away in the distance

Standing on the Toes of Angry People


This Bible was printed to be distributed in Ushuaia. They managed to distribute half of the Bibles that they had. There were thousands. The rest of the Bibles can not be distributed. They break a very important law.

You see, here in Ushuaia you cannot just talk about this city, or this province. We belong to a bigger vision than just here. This whole area is part of a living protest seeking to regain ownership of the Malvinas (Falkland) Islands.

As a result, any document, book or other propaganda must include the full name that belongs to this part of the world. That means that anything which mentions of Ushuaia or the province of Tierra del Fuego, must also include the Malvinas islands, and the Islands of the South Atlantic as well.

This Bible didn’t.

That is why it can no longer be distributed. Not having this full name is an insult to the ongoing protest. In the words of the city mayor, “It is treating the [Malvinas] islands as if they don’t exist, and as if we agree with the British occupation of them.”

It is like stepping on the toes of an angry man… something that you should never, ever attempt.

Ongoing Repairs

Fixed the Renault 12 again today. As I was working on the starter motor I saw the engine mount had let go completely. So after buying all of the missing bolts, nuts, and washers, today was spent putting it all back together again. Never has the engine sat so perfectly now!

While the engine protection plate underneath was still off, I took advantage of the access, and sealed up the leaking exhaust flange gasket. This time I think it will work.

Finally, after all of this, and changing over our front wheel for one without snow tyres, it was time to fix the starter motor — the main and primary reason for which I started working today.

The problem here was that there was a piece missing from the motor. An important piece. It was the part that caused the gear to engage and, more importantly, to disengage. Acting like a hinge, it was only a piece of hard rubber, but without it nothing worked.

So I made it out of wood. Taking a piece of wood, an electric saw, grinder, chisels, and vernier calipers, I set to work to create something I had never seen so it would do something very precise.

The end result was two pieces of wood carefully crafted to have a gap between them, yet to interlock in place so as to not move or dislodge in use. It worked.

Now I have the starter motor back in the car working perfectly. One more thing fixed. The Renault 12 is ready to roll again.

Where is Ushuaia?

Ushuaia Splash
Ushuaia – End of the World

Ushuaia is known as being the “End of the World” and the southernmost city in the world. So where is it?

This video gives you a look at not only where Ushuaia is in the world, but also what it is like during summer days.

Cata Turns Two


Today my niece turns two. She may not yet appreciate all of the effort and trimmings of a birthday party just for her, but she does recognise the love and attention that she is getting today.

And that’s the whole point of the matter.

A Policeman in the Family

My sister-in-law

Today my sister-in-law graduated from the police school for the province of Tierra del Fuego. We all went in a full car to the city of Rio Grande to attend her graduation ceremony.

Church and Buildings

Today, I wrestled with a powerpoint in the house for the morning. The electrical tubing in the concrete wall ended inside the wall and it took a while to work this out. Jorge and Isa Rios and Miguel and Olga Montt both arrived with their families in their cars. They had come from Puerto Madryn and stayed last night in Esquel, and tomorrow they head to Chile. Our evening was spent in a local church, teaching the youth and then participating in the main service in the evening, where Miguel was preaching. YWAM Bariloche is quickly outgrowing its current location so I went with a few other people to check out the new place they are likely to move to, before continuing on to the church a little later.

The church

Patricia leading the church for the evening.

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