Trekking Patagonias

Well, we arrived today in Bariloche. This place is beautiful. The city is situated right next to a large lake on a reasonable slope, with incredible views from almost anywhere. In the distance are the snow-capped mountains and peaks of the Andes range. A perfect place to stop for the next week.

trekkingSo what will we be doing here in this amazing place? Trekking through those amazing peaks and mountain ranges that we can see for three or four days. The path that we have chosen to trek is one of the most difficult and least frequently trekked paths in this area. The track is hard to follow and climbs over the top of a number of mountain ranges on the way, often over ice and snow. To me it sounds perfect.

Now we won’t be doing all of this alone either. We have hired the services of a guide who will take us along this path, teaching us about the environment that we are in as we go. He only speaks Spanish so our Spanish skills should improve over this time too.

Therefore, if you do not hear from me in the next wee while, you will be able to say, “Oh, Rob’s up in the mountains of the Andes, trekking through the Patagonias for a while.” Sounds good doesn’t it? Don’t you wish you were here too? Oh well. Next time.