Back from the Abyss

Well, I know it has been a while since I have written anything here. Goodness knows that there was more than enough things to write about…

* Buying a new laptop and digital camera in one of the cheapest cities in Latin America.
* Making it through the anal-retentive Argentine customs with this new laptop.
* Losing my new Sony Ericsson telephone with my only copy of everyone’s addresses and telephone numbers.
* Getting broadband internet access (from Arnet) from my bedroom here in Corrientes.
* And I am now about to go on a “Survival Camp” or something like that called a “NIKO” from the greek word which means “to overcome”.

So let me treat each of these one at a time…
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This could have been embarrassing…

Chris and I went for a walk along the Costanera on our day off, and by chance happened to discover Jacar? beach just around the corner. It was busy time and there were hundreds of people crowded into that place. It was also very hot and the water looked great. The only problem was that we were not expecting to be on a beach, so we didn’t have our swimmers with us.

For Chris this was not such a problem and he dived into the water with his shorts and all. My shorts however were huge and heavy and the idea of swimming in them did not appeal so much. So I stripped off to my undies for a swim. After all, the women on this beach were in g-strings and other such delicate webbing, what harm could it be to swim in my racing-striped undies. They even looked like cool swimmers.
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I’ve graduated – Can you believe it!

Well I’ve finally made it. I graduated and have finished my course.

Reflecting on what I went through during the last five months, there were times that I thought I would not make it. Moments during the course when it was all too much, or my feelings would rise up and cause me to think it would be easier to continue on without this training.

But it has been valuable training, and I am not one to give up on any commitment that I make. So I stuck with it. It wasn’t easy either. Sometimes our cultures clashed, and sometimes our understandings were not the same. At times I could not understand the methods used, but I know that in the end it was all worth it. I changed. Well, at least some things have really changed.

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My New Home

CORRIENTES: Well it has been five days now since I moved to live in Corrientes. The place seems to have little to recommend it to anyone, and the place that I am staying with its unfinished buildings does nothing to redeem the place at all. But this will be my home for at least the next few months.

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