Christmas Night

In Argentina, it is the night before Christmas that is celebrated. Everybody gets together to enjoy the night with a large meal and times of reflection until midnight when we all take hold of our glass and toast to Christmas and celebrate this day. When the next day comes, most are either sleeping, or spend the day at the beach. Our Christmas celebrations in the YWAM Base in Puerto Madryn followed this pattern exactly.

Christmas dinner

Everybody outside at the tables, ready for Christmas dinner.

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Puerto Madryn from Afar

It was a sunny day that I decided to head out to the hills around our YWAM base in the Quintas, an area outside of Puerto Madryn city. Here are some photos that show just where the Quintas are located and some of the environs around this city that I have called home for almost four years.

Puerto Madryn from the southern route

Looking north down one of the main highways to Puerto Madryn city.

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Bonafide is a coffee shop in Puerto Madryn where, before we connected internet in our YWAM base, I spent most of every day building websites and communicating with other YWAM bases around Argentina. In fact, I visited this place so much over the weeks that in the end I became a good friend of the staff that worked here, and they named me an honorary staff member.

Bonafide friends

Erika, me, and the “French guy” (he always thought I was French).

Cruise Ship Season Starts Again

Puerto Madryn is one of the main stops on the Cruise Ship ports. Every summer we receive dozens of these huge ships, filled with tourists who then flood our town for the day before re-boarding and heading off to another destination. The Norwegian Sun is one of the first of the ships to arrive, marking the beginning of the season for this summer.

The Norwegian Sun
The Norwegian Sun

Football Championship

Every year our YWAM base now hosts a football (soccer) championship between all of the churches of Puerto Madryn. Last year our YWAM team achieved third place. This year we did not even make a position, but it was a fun game and we all had a lot of fun. Here are some photos of the day…

Announcing the winners of the Championship.

Announcing the winners of the Championship.

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Going Walkabout

One day I decided to go for a wander around the local area. What I found was a local dry creek with steep edges. It seems unusual that in a place where it hardly rains there would be a creek that looks like huge amounts of water had passed through it at some point.

Heading down the creek bed.

Heading down the creek bed.

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Scorpion under my pillow

That is a rather unusual sounding exclamation, but it is exactly what happened to one of our workers here in YWAM Puerto Madryn. Actually, finding a scorpion at all is rather uncommon here, so when he found one underneath his pillow we were all quite concerned. However, in my four years of living here this was the first scorpion that I had ever seen, either inside or outside of the base.

The scorpion we found

Por Juan-Pablo however, was not so convinced. While he had been sleeping, he pushed a hand underneath his pillow. Suddenly something moved, causing him to withdraw his hand quickly. Thinking it was something unusual (for this area) such as a cockroach, he raised up his pillow to brush it away. It was only then that he realised the danger that had been awaiting him. A scorpion (see photos) was hidden underneath.

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Busted Bike

Today I tried to jump my bike over the gutter onto the footpath. I almost made it… but I didn’t. The back wheel landed on the sharp edge of the gutter and left me with a square rim. Some stomping on my wheel, removing the brakes, and careful riding ensured that I was able to return home. The bike however, as you can see, needed to have a new rim sewn in before it was back to normal again.

My broken bike rim

The lesson from this? Jump higher and longer. 🙂

Farewell to Palma Real

Today we said goodbye to a team of four workers from our YWAM base. They are heading into the jungle in the south of Peru for six months, to relieve a missionary couple there who have not had a rest for over five years. Our team will also be working towards starting new ministries and other activities.

The Palma Real team (L to R - Vicky, Yolanda, Maricruz, Paul)

The village where they are going does not have electricity nor running water. Purchases of groceries has to be done every month by travelling in boat to the nearest large city/town, called Maldonado. Each month they will also be able to respond to and write emails to everybody. Outside of this singular monthly visit they are very isolated from the world.

Foods eaten in this area are quite different to what we would call “normal” foods. Things such as monkey, turtle, and grubs of all sorts are common here. Tropical fruits are also, naturally, very abundant. It is a challenge, but each member of the team, through prayer, is convinced that it is worth making the sacrifices to be able to help the people there, and to continue the work being done by the missionary couple.

These guys would love any support you are willing to provide them. Please advise me by the contact form for further details on how you may support them (prayer, giving, letters of encouragement, etc.).

Pedro and Yanina’s Wedding

A couple from Puerto Madryn had become good friends of ours, and through us they became good friends of many in YWAM Puerto Madryn. As a result, when they decided to get married they wanted to get married here on our YWAM base. So we decorated everything and prepared it for the happy couple, and the ceremony took place outdoors on our base. Here are some of the many photos of their wedding, and the subsequent reception in a private room in the city:

The wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony, complete with red carpet.

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