A New Car

It was amazing, something that really caught me off guard. I had been travelling around the place in an old beat-up car. It was enough to get me around but noisy, without a stereo, and with windows that fogged up every time it rained… and it just so happened that it was raining almost the entire first week that I have been here.

Then my mate asked me if I would like a better car to travel around in. It seemed reasonable, and since he was in a position where he could make such an offer, I accepted. Two days later, on the Monday, I rocked up to his work place and dropped off my old beast of a car. He handed me the keys and showed me the car. I could hardly believe it. Here was a brand new vehicle, with only 800 kms on the clock.

A new car, quiet and powerful that handles like a dream, complete with a CD player with steering wheel controls and lots of other goodies. A remote control for locking and unlocking, power windows and climate control airconditioning. Wow, I could not have asked for more and it is mine until I go again. Now that is a good mate for ya. Good on ya Eric, thanks heaps mate.

Back Home in Australia

Well, here I am in Australia once again. It has been a little over a year since I was last here, and that was for my brother’s fortieth birthday. Now I am back again for a wedding – Chris’s wedding. He and I did our Discipleship Training School together in YWAM Corrientes back in 2004 and have been best of friends since.

One of the things I love about coming back here is being able to catch up with all of my friends. Talking on the computer phone is ok, but nothing beats sitting down on the lounge chair with a hot cup of coffee in my hand and having a great chinwag with a good mate for hours into the night. There is no technology that even comes close. So there are lots of chinwags over coffee taking place right now.

My time here is very limited, with only one week in Brissy, a week in Melbourne, and finishing up with another week in Brisbane, it seems like time is flying. Of course, having all day available to see my friends who are only free during the evenings makes fitting them all in a bit tight too, but frees up my days to do important things such as scan in some of the thousands of old photos stored away in boxes in the garage.

Times that Change and Times that Don’t

Only five minutes ago I received a phone call from my airline telling me that my flight from Australia has been delayed. They have changed the time on me and now, instead of leaving early in the morning, it is scheduled to leave 9 hours later… in the evening.

This flight leaves from Sydney, so I needed a flight from Brisbane to get there. Fortunately, I booked early enough to get a flight from here on the same morning, that virtually was a connecting flight. It was perfect because my bags could all be booked onto my international flight from Brisbane and I only had to walk around with my cabin bags while in Sydney.

A call to the airline about my very early flight reveals that to arrive in Sydney at any reasonable time would cost me at least $300 more (on a flight that cost a total of $110), or I could pay an extra $100 and gain another 2.5 hours of sleep in the morning. Sleep did not seem that important to me, so my flight out of Brissy is still the red-eye special, requiring me to check-in at the airport by 5am.

With my first flight unchanged, my next flight greatly delayed, I now seem destined to wander the hallways of the Sydney International Airport with two massive bags, a guitar and a digeridoo plus my cabin bags, all trying to slip off each other as they are pushed along with some sort of trolley bearing wheels that always want to turn left.

I love flying, and I love being in the air, but sometimes, the waits in-between are tough stretches. Well, at least I will have some instruments with me, perhaps I could try my hand at busking.

Last Days in Australia

The six weeks that I had to spend in Australia have now come to a close. Within a couple of days I will be in New Zealand for an extended weekend and then back in Argentina. My time in Australia has been good, and although it was a shock to the system when I first arrived, I have really started to get used to the lifestyle and culture of this place once again.

australias emblem
Australia’s Coat of Arms, as seen on Parliament House in Canberra.

During my time here I have travelled only a little bit, mainly choosing to spend time with friends and family. The joy of sitting down in lounge chairs with a cuppa in the hand, chatting about anything and everything, is without comparison.

Since I have arrived, there has been no updates and no news about what has happened during this time here. So the following posts show some quick views to what transpired during these six weeks.

The Secret is Out – I’m In Australia

That is right. I am in Australia right now, after having flown the 18 hour trip from Buenos Aires to Sydney and then another short flight to get me to Brisbane.

So why am I over here? Although I was always planning on returning later this year, I came over earlier in secret to surprise my eldest brother John for his birthday party. The idea was to walk up to the door and totally surprise the guy.

To be sure that there was no leak whatsoever, I told virtually nobody about my journey. Everything went very smooth until the very last days when he somehow found out about our secret. But nobody knew that he knew until after the party, so we all had a good time anyway.

Now I am here for about six weeks before returning to my land of Argentina via a short stopover for a week in New Zealand. If you want to get hold of me, then details are on the contact page.

The Return to Australia

After having said all of last year that I would return to my home country of Australia this year, I never expected that it would be so early in the year. When my dad approached me about the possibilities of coming back for my brother’s birthday, and the dates seemed to fit perfectly into the way my year was shaping out, there was no reason not to go.

So on the 2nd of May, I climbed aboard an Aerolineas Argentina jet and 18 hours later, with a stopover in Auckland, I was in Sydney airport. What mixed feelings that brought.

sydney airport
Waiting at the Sydney airport.

For one it was great to be back in the country where I was born, with so many things so very familiar. However on the other hand I was now far from my home of Argentina, and the people that I cared so much about.

The shocks of Australia after being away so long…

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Air-Conditioning Installations

When the opportunity to hang out with my brother Joseph came along in the form of helping him install ducted air-conditioning units in houses, it sounded interesting. After helping him out for a while I discovered that this sort of work is actually very enjoyable and gives a great sense of achievement at the end. It also was great to get a better understanding of just what it is that Joseph gets up to every day.

rough installed
One of the bigger units in a "rough install", before the house is completed.

I’m not sure that I could call myself an air-conditioning man, but it was fun to learn and chat and hang out with Joseph during those times.

marking holes
Measuring up for one of the ducting holes in the ceiling.

preparing ducts on the ground
Preparing the ducts on the ground makes life a lot easier.

Fishing Double-Island Point

For more than 10 years I have not picked up a fishing line, something that I used to do virtually every holiday for all of my young life. Then, while chatting with my brother who is still a keen fisherman, he offered to take me fishing.

With my dad and my cousin, both keen fishermen, also invited we had a team of four to go fishing. It was a one day excursion, leaving at 4am in the morning and returning early afternoon, and although I did not get a great amount of fish or anything spectacular, it was great to just hang out and enjoy this activity with family.

Here are the photos of our time there…

rigging up
Rigging up the fishing rod first thing in the morning.

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