Australia – Now I really know I am going…

Hi all,

Having a week of rest was wonderful for the soul. I read voraciously during that time and prayed heaps. It was very refreshing. In only one week I leave to spend 10 days in New Zealand (23th) to catch up with many good friends and see one of them married. I am really looking forward to that.

After much ado and lots of liaising with my friends around the world I finally have the ticket that will carry me around the world to my destination of Argentina – booked and paid for. The main destination countries I will travel are listed below.
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Australia – A Voice from Down Under (Part 1)

Three months after leaving New Zealand for my temporary stop-over in Australia I have much to tell. The things you would like to hear though may have to wait a little longer. I cannot give you definite dates for when I will leave, nor can I tell you how I am getting there. I can give you my current ideas, but just as they have changed from my first ideas, these too are likely to change until they are finalised.

So what has happened over these three months? Lots actually.
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Australia – A Voice from Down Under (Part 3)

The God Factor
Since arriving in Australia I have found myself growing strongly in God. Many bad habits that I could not seem to break during my time in New Zealand are completely gone. I am dreaming many dreams that hold significant meanings and information important to helping people resize their situation just comes to me – things that I have never heard or known of before. The voice of God is much clearer, and my desire to spend time with God keeps growing.
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Australia – A Voice from Down Under (Part 2)

Aprendiendo Espanol
After checking out my body and ensuring I was ready for my journey, I turned my focus toward the language of Argentina; Spanish.

Not knowing a word of Spanish initially, I trot off every Wednesday morning to see Don, my private language teacher. A typical lesson involves lots of stories about Don’s history. It is very interesting. My one hour lesson often stretches further. Don says he doesn’t mind spending the extra time because he can see that I am learning fast. With only a few months to learn I am pleased for the speed.
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A Brief Background

In 1998 when I was working in Cairns Australia, God called me to go to New Zealand. About eight years before that I had seen a short video on a place called Lifeway College* over there. This was now the same place that I believed God was calling me to move to.

At the end of that year I sold up all my gear and bought a one-way ticket to New Zealand. Once at Lifeway College I studied for six months on their core course which was called the CE course. After this I moved onto the college staff. I remained there until leaving four years later.

During my time in New Zealand I had started to plan for a long term stay in the country. It was around this time that God then called me to go to South America. To be sure I understood this was important, He told several other people independently of me that I was going too. When they told me, not knowing anything of what I was thinking at the time, any doubt I may have had, had vanished.

Realising I was leaving my many friends behind and wanting to remain in contact with them, I started RobAbroad, an email list that sends to everyone at once. This way I could tell everyone at once what I was doing regarding leaving for Argentina. It has been a wonderful tool during these days of constant change.

The contents of the emails have now been placed on the internet. Not so everyone in the world can see them, but to make them more accessible to those of my friends who don’t have email but have access to a computer somehow.

In the interests of continuing friendships and maintaining contacts.


* The Lifeway College that I knew is now sold to a NZ church and in a very different location. For that reason, I have linked to the original website through the Internet Archive. I have also provided a link to an image capture of the old Lifeway website.

The Call – Intro

Well, now you have a brief history of my time in NZ. You are aware I’m going, but do you know the story of how I got to this point? What follows now is a series of 7 parts (not all at once) about how God called me to Argentina and how I know it was God. So sit back, relax and grab a coffee or something and then enjoy the read.

It all started sometime around 1989. I was deep in prayer in my room at the time, I don’t even know what I was praying about, when I heard a voice like a strong thought that told me how one day I would go to the continents of South America, Asia, and Africa for God. I was surprised. I had never ever thought about travel before, except the standard overseas experience in Europe. This came quite unexpectedly, but was something very exciting to hear. At the time I was at university though, and didn’t think I was at all ready to do anything like that anyway. So I kept this information in my heart, writing it down in my journal. Over the years that followed I all but forgot about it.