Colombia – First Impressions

A welcome sign and committee was present for us when we arrived.

It is now one week since I arrived in Colombia, and although it still maintains the feel of South America, it is very similar to Australia in many ways. The traffic however is not.

The Traffic
Many have mentioned the reckless way that people drive in Buenos Aires, and having lived there for some time I can agree that they are reasonably reckless. Here in Bogota however, they are completely wild and there seems to be no order other than to squeeze into any available space during peak hour traffic. To tell the truth, I actually quite like it, as this is how I always wanted to drive. In Australia it produces extremely angry drivers, but here it is the norm and what most people do.

Stuck in yet another traffic jam amongst the foothills of Bogota.

The In-Laws
Alright, the real reason for me being here is to meet my future parents-in-law and to place before them the idea of marrying their daughter. In Latin America, there is a much stronger relationship between the father and daughter and sometimes letting go can be dramatic. Many people had told me stories of father-in-laws that tried all they could to stop the wedding from happening, so it was relieving when I finally arrived and discovered that God had already paved the way.

(L to R) Carol’s Dad, Carol, Jorge, Carol’s Mum, Me.

One of the wisest things that happened, was that Jorge my leader in YWAM Puerto Madryn, came with us for the first part of our stay. His presence and (good) opinions of me helped to greatly calm and assure Carol’s dad that I was a good guy after all. We spent some special moments full of tension as I broached the important topics of already being engaged to Carolina and then later on, about how and when we would be getting married.

With God forging the path, everything went very smoothly and I have been accepted now as part of the family. In addition, friends and family have offered to help us out with the wedding preparations, including all of the paperwork that I need as an Australian before I can marry a Colombian girl.

Together now with the approval of the family.