Peru – Almost Robbed

Well, after two years in South America, a land riddled with stories of people being robbed and attacked and various other fear inducing things, I guess it was likely to happen to me at some point.

The Situation
It was Saturday night, walking with two of the girls in my team to the local church, when we crossed through a park on a path that we had often taken during the last week. This time there was a man in his late twenties following us.

I had noticed him earlier, but was not too concerned because he had not been following for too long. He was also whistling which put me further at ease, thinking that a thief would want to be less conspicuous. I was wrong.
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Peru – A Simple Life

Right now we are in a small town outside of the main city of Chiclayo. Times here are tough, and there is very little work for anybody. Most people are living on the poverty line or below. A walk through the streets reveal people with crippled hands or legs hobbling from one place to another, motorbike taxis lined up along the sides just waiting for somebody to pay the measly fare of one solis (30 cents USD), and vendors that all sell the same thing vying for your attention on the chance that you may buy something from them. In this land of hard times, every cent counts.
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