Fingerpainting Fun

When Faith’s cousins came over to visit it seemed the perfect opportunity to pull out the big sheet of paper and the finger paints. In the middle of the table was all of the different colours: red, pink, green, blue, yellow. Each of the children then sat or stood on their chairs, according to their size, and began to paint away with their fingers. Of course finger quickly turned into fingers, and soon it was hands that were painting. So to stop the inevitable transformation of painting on the paper to painting on each other we finally washed them all up and called it a day. This is a quick video of their time while the paint was still available.

Flower Picking by Little Hands

Visiting friends with a big yard was Faith’s opportunity to get out and play. After seeing a dandelion falling apart after blowing on it, she tries blowing on all of the flowers that she finds. Unfortunately this doesn’t often work. Tonight (8pm) however she discovered a more interesting phenomenon where if you pull at the flower it comes apart in pieces. As a result, she began to pick the small flowers around her and pull them apart with glee. It was a tough job to convince her to return back inside after this, after all, there were many flowers yet to be pulled apart.

Boating the Beagle with Faith

With some friends in tow we all went for an adventure along the Beagle Channel out from Ushuaia in the big catamaran from Canoero. It was an amazing trip past islands filled with birds and seals and the famous Lighthouse at the End of the World. We made it down to the penguins and saw hundreds of them before stopping briefly at Harberton Ranch to let off and board some new passengers. This was the last port of call and we quickly made our way back along the channel to our home port in Ushuaia. Fantastic sights and overall fun time that is not reflected well in this tiny and short, poorly made video. It seems I’d forgotten momentarily how to use the video program. All the same, a memory worth keeping.

Involved in a Virtual World

It does not take little children long to understand the virtual world of computing. Faith already has her favourite games on the iPad now. It is fascinating watching her face as she interacts with her games, working out what to do and how to get her hands to respond. This is her in a coffee shop enjoying a quick moment with mum.

Driving Miss Faith

While at a friend’s place, Faith discovered that their daughter had something very special. It was a small electric car. Of course all new discoveries need to be tested, and so she quickly asserted that this was an important discovery and it was necessary that she try it out, as all small children seem to be able to communicate even without words. She did, and she loved it. A remote control, a large area, and a small child fascinated with it all. Driving miss Faith.

Meal Time Mayhem

Every meal time is different, especially when you have children. If they are bathed and slept and all is well then the meal times are great. If they are tired and hungry and young then things start to get a little more like mayhem. This is not a common scenario for us, but it does reflect a little of the mayhem that sometimes occurs when we are getting ready for dinner with Faith being tired and hungry. It seemed like a good reflection of life with Faith.

Faith Flying High

While in Australia we found this wonderful swing for our little girl. She was almost too small for it then, and the swing was too big for our bags, but somehow we still managed to get the swing in our suitcase and brought it back with us. Now hanging proudly in the front porch, it is one of the most requested activities by our little girl. Every time we go out though, she needs to be rugged up and prepared, then sat proudly in the little seat and strapped in for the ride. She knows where the straps need to go and points at each one, exclaiming, “Ah! Ah!” so that we would do it right.

The moment the swing starts moving a big smile sweeps over her face and she sits back and enjoys her moment of movement. Flying high is what it is all about.

Queen of the Sand Hill

We all have those stories. The one where your mother tells you how you used to eat dirt from the garden, or where you ate all of the hair off your golliwog or other such doll. I know I’ve been guilty. The thing is though, that they are simply stories. The pictures we make up in our heads of what we have done, and our imagination is pretty good in helping us visualise these sorts of stories too. However for our little Faith, this is now more than simply a story. It is now recorded for history in this video, a little rock here, a handful of sand there. Of course the video shows much more than this. It reveals a little girl who loves playing on sandhills, throwing rocks (don’t we all?), and eating them. Sounds like she takes right after me.