Visiting Ushuaia

It was the 11th of December that I boarded the bus heading to Rio Gallegos, the last city on mainland Argentina. My bus trip was about to take 16 hours before I got there, so there was plenty of time to think.

The entire trip to Ushuaia was something almost instantaneous. Although I had been trying to get down here for the last three months, it was only after a chat on the 10th with my YWAM base director, Jorge Rios, that this trip came about. So everything happened extra quickly, and by the end of the day I had purchased my tickets needed to get me to Ushuaia.

Ushuaia over the Beagle Chanel

Ushuaia as seen from the plane while coming in to land.

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Air-Conditioning Installations

When the opportunity to hang out with my brother Joseph came along in the form of helping him install ducted air-conditioning units in houses, it sounded interesting. After helping him out for a while I discovered that this sort of work is actually very enjoyable and gives a great sense of achievement at the end. It also was great to get a better understanding of just what it is that Joseph gets up to every day.

rough installed
One of the bigger units in a "rough install", before the house is completed.

I’m not sure that I could call myself an air-conditioning man, but it was fun to learn and chat and hang out with Joseph during those times.

marking holes
Measuring up for one of the ducting holes in the ceiling.

preparing ducts on the ground
Preparing the ducts on the ground makes life a lot easier.

Fishing Double-Island Point

For more than 10 years I have not picked up a fishing line, something that I used to do virtually every holiday for all of my young life. Then, while chatting with my brother who is still a keen fisherman, he offered to take me fishing.

With my dad and my cousin, both keen fishermen, also invited we had a team of four to go fishing. It was a one day excursion, leaving at 4am in the morning and returning early afternoon, and although I did not get a great amount of fish or anything spectacular, it was great to just hang out and enjoy this activity with family.

Here are the photos of our time there…

rigging up
Rigging up the fishing rod first thing in the morning.

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Four Days in La Paz – A Photo Journal

Many things happened in La Paz. Serving the homeless with food, helping Mission Adulam with their communication needs, shopping for various items in the crowded markets, and working out my way back and forth from El Alto on top of the hill to La Paz in the crater below. These photos tell just a small part of the story of what happened.

La Paz at night
The lights of the city of La Paz at night.

decending in the clouds
Going to church on Sunday with the boys staying at the boys home required us to descend in the clouds to the motorway.

At church in La Paz on Sunday morning.

change of guards
I just happened to be in the plaza to see the change of guards at the main government house.

wet main street
Wet, but not raining, we travel down the main street of town after watching the movie Ice Age 2 as a group.

view from apartment
Part of the view from Fineke’s apartment in the centre of La Paz city.

Street in El Alto
Looking down a street in El Alto, where I was staying.

feeding the homeless
A view from inside the 4wd as we feed the homeless and street kids in El Alto, La Paz.

two men with dogs
Two of the guys gather up as many dogs as they can and ask for a photo of their “friends.”

writing details on notebook
Gathering data on each of the people that come for food, to help serve them better in the future.

man eating
A drunk man enjoys his food before wanding over to chat with me until we leave.

young child
One of the victims of the circumstances of her parents.

Moving through the markets in search of more people needing food.

customer on chair
A customer waits on a chair for the work to be done.

row of small sheds
These sheds house a lot of witches and some businesses.

young boy pointing
A young boy sees my camera and points excitedly at it as we drive slowly past.

selling witches brews
Dried foeteses of animals and many other items for witches are for sale in this heavily populated witch area.

boot makers
A woman being attended by one of dozens of boot makers in their tiny shops.

boot maker at work
Each bootmaker has the same setup with their special sewing machine that can work on any heavy materials.

view over La Paz
Looking out over the mountainsides of La Paz city.

mountain behind La Paz
On the last day I get to see the famous snow covered mountains that sit behind the city of La Paz.

steep street
Looking down one of the steep streets of La Paz from the car I was travelling in.

baby in cart
Many children and babies are carried around in carts which are also used to move their shops and items for sale around.