Find a Wife by Sending Team

Having created over half a dozen websites throughout the year, I have always tried to present them in a very formal and yet accessible way. Each site is carefully written, normally in Spanish first and then translated to English, and much care goes into what is said and the way that it is said.


All of this just emphasises even more just how great an error it was that I had made only recently which continued undiscovered until today. You see, it all started when I was building a website during my last week in Argentina for a YWAM base there.

During the early part of the week, as I was writing the basic pages of the website, it seemed ok to have a little fun with some of the content. The base here consists mainly of women, and most of them are single at that. None are very young. So while writing about how the base accommodates foreign teams, I ignored the niggling feeling that perhaps I would forget to edit out this bit and continued writing. What I wrote, roughly translated was:

“If you would like a wife, then we recommend that you only send male teams here. Ages from 25 up please, because we are not looking for those who are too young… Be aware that we have already had significant success using this method.”

This was found amongst other paragraphs of serious content explaining how teams could get to the base, what the base would do for each team, and more. It looked like it belonged there.

It ended up on the live website. For two weeks.

Wedding invited

I received no emails about it so hopefully nobody noticed. As soon as I realised it was removed from the site, but by this time Google and other search engines would have already sucked down the site.

So now I’m wondering how many people who are searching for “find a wife in buenos aires” are being sent to the YWAM base’s new website?


For being professional, I certainly let my guard down that time. No more games or attempts at being funny on other people’s websites for me… or at least no more rushes to get websites up before long flights.

Now, talking about a wife…

A Week in Buenos Aires

Before leaving Argentina I headed to Buenos Aires for a week. There was still one YWAM base in Argentina that did not have a website yet. My goal was to give them one by the end of the week. It worked.

Through a lot of hard work and some very late nights, it was possible to piece together a website for YWAM Capital Base by the end of the week. This was not without its problems, but with a lot of work and the effortless work of Silvana by my side, we finally did it (now replaced by a newer version done by another).

Working on the website with Silvana

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Moving back to Movable Type

Well, it has been a while now since moving from Movable Type to WordPress, but after a lot of working with WordPress this blog is back with Movable Type. Why the change? Because I had multiple blogs and wanted to combine them all, and after a lot of fiddling with scripts that were supposed to work, I discovered that Code Monkey Ramblings (link dead – info from MT) had a wonderful script.

My only motive for change in the first place was a bug that MT had which prevented publishing entries for a long time. Now I am back again.

YWAM Conference and Photos

It was just after seven in the morning on the 12th of November, and somehow I managed to drag myself out of bed after only three and a half hours of sleep. I had been creating a website with the photo highlights of the conference. Within a short while the last day of the conference was about to begin, and I needed to be ready for the events of the day. Camera in hand, I wandered over to the bathrooms only to discover that there are no showers. The pump supplying water had blown up during the night, overloaded by the influx of the thousands of people that have inundated this place during the last five days.

Somebody tells me that there is water down the other end of the property, so I begin my search. Warned to look for long lines of people, I almost wander past a small line with only a few people. They were waiting for the use of the one toilet that still had water. This was the place. It was amazing that there were so few people, but I figured that many were still trying to grab a few more moments of needed sleep.

Around the corner I found people standing at the washing tubs, brushing teeth and washing their faces. They all seemed content that there was a way they could carry out a part of their morning routine. I snap a few shots of the action, then hang up my camera and join the activities.

It seems like only moments of relaxing in the morning sun, interspersed with shots of people here and there, before it is time for the conference to begin. I head inside and prepare my corner, hidden with all of the other technology people.

As the program for the day plays out, I am there in the midst of it all, taking as many photos as I feel are needed to be able to capture the feeling of the event. Places, actions, and events. Faces, people, and emotions. Constantly scanning around me for something that would represent the moment. Searching for that photo that would express the emotion of the people.

When the last event for the day had finished, I put my camera down. It was wonderful to finally stop. Something that I love doing, after five days and more than three thousand photos I had grown weary. It was good to see the end of it all.


South AMerica, AFrica, ASia are the places that God has told me I would be going to during my lifetime.” Rob Thiesfield.

Of course, if you do not know God then the statement above needs some explanation first. Let me first introduce myself. I am Rob, and am currently living in Argentina. Why I am here we will leave for another time, suffice to say that it is for a very good reason.

Now, referring to the statement above, let me answer some of your questions:

  • Q When did I actually get this from God?
    A It was during my early twenties when I was praying one night.
  • Q Does God really talk to people or is that just them thinking that He does?
    A God really does talk to people. If it was us just thinking He does then there would be many situations that I have experienced which would be massive coincidences, so big that I should be trying to win lotteries instead.
  • Q How does God talk to people?
    A There are many ways that God talks with people. Just as there are many ways that people talk with people. When you think of how you communicate with others you first consider talking, but there is also facial communications, gestures, and notes. There is times when you do something so the other person sees what you have done, and this communicates that you love them. It is the same with God, who uses many different types of communication. In the case of the statement above, it was in the form of a strong thought that came into my head when I was not even considering anything like this and had no desire to go to these places. Not just a thought, there was feelings associated with it which told me that it was God, and the thought felt like it was etched into my head so that it just would not disappear no matter what I tried to do to shake it.
  • Q How can you be sure it is God talking to you?
    A Sometimes you cannot be sure. In these situations, it is best to consider that perhaps it is not from God, and just keep it in mind. Anything from God will be confirmed by Him either through other people or through situations and circumstances. Just like when you hear a familiar voice amongst the throng of a noisy crowd, as you get to know God’s voice it will become easier to know when it is Him speaking to you and easier to hear Him when He speaks. The best way to be sure it is God is to see if what you think He has said comes to pass. If it does then it was God. If it doesn’t then it never was. This may sound a little too one sided for God, but it is a good way of testing it. After all, if something appears to be cold you can test it by putting your finger on it. If it feels cold then it is, if it does not feel cold then it probably never was.

Over the rest of this website, I will take you on a journey of my life with God. From photos to travels to working alongside of people, you will catch a glimpse of what it is like, not to live a life of religion, but to live a life with God. They are two different things.

I trust that in reading this you too will gain a thirst as I did for a real experience with God that will change your life. After all, nothing can be more exciting than to do that for which we were made to do.

Every day with God is an adventure.

New Faces to

Finally, after much procrastination and now with very little sleep, I have finally gotten around to updating my own websites. If you enter now at the main website you get a three column overview of my three weblogs. (Three and three, hmm, it makes sense). I am really pleased with this as it has been something that I have wanted to do for a long time. I used the opensource web authoring tool called NVU to edit my css and it was fantastic and very easy to use.

Next, I decided to update this blog too, using a personalised version of the Utica Avenue theme. It looks pretty decent to me now and I am very happy with how it finished up. Hopefully it will inspire me to write some more stories.

Finally, my webhosting company has kindly upgraded my account with more space which means that I will be able to add more photos to my gallery again. To celebrate this fact I have also upgraded my gallery software to the new version 2. It is a very slick program and heaps better than the old 1.x version.

Also, talking about photos… GlassCircle has also had a small update too, allowing navigation using the left-hand and right-hand sides of the photos rather than the small links that were at the top. You also get small thumbnails in all of the category and search views. Hopefully I will get a calendar up there too one day, but that is for sometime later.

So after all of this geek-speak, what does it mean for you? Well, instead of checking out three places for updates to the blogs, you can see them all here, and now when you read about stuff (on this blog at least) you will have a much more colourful experience, and getting around should be a little easier too. So go ahead… enjoy it.

As for me. It is time to get some sleep.

Blog Name and Location Change

Well, since I started this blog, it was called “Samafas” for no other reason than it seemed a great name to call it. I located the blog at /eng because I started a Spanish version of this blog (not very updated) at /es, and an older website is still found on /en.

However, with the addition of other sections on Samafas (Glass Circle, and two more to come shortly) and the merging of the Spanish version into this one, it seemed a good idea to rename it to something that would reflect more of the contents.

So since I am one guy, writing about my experiences through life as it happens, I figured that “Rob’s Rave” more acurately reflected what this blog is all about. That is why you will now find this blog at /robsrave. Please update your RSS feeds to reflect this change.

New Photo Blog – Glass Circle

Well, after wanting to start one for a long time, I have finally done it. There is now a new blog site where I will be adding one photo a day (where I can) using a photo from that day if I have one, or a photo that I like which is recent.

The idea is to have something interesting, but also current, and to force myself to take some more photos and to keep them interesting enough to publish.

This is not going to replace my photo gallery, although that will undergo some serious changes soon too, where I will remove many of the photos and change it to hold only the better and more recent photos. If you have a preference for certain photos to stay, let me know soon.

Have a great day, and be sure to visit Glass Circle regularly.

New Blogging System

Copied from my old Mambo system after I had finally gotten around to installing and populating WordPress:

Well, if you have not yet discovered by now, there has not been new content posted here for quite some time. The reason for this is that I am now using a different system for posting, where eventually all of my information (that is scattered over more than three different websites currently) will be combined into one. So if you are looking for the latest news and information, amble your way back to where you will find the link you need to my new site (or click here).

Eventually, even this site will disappear from view, once all of the information is incorporated. So have a look around and enjoy it all, and then wander over to the new site for the latest news. And have a great day. Rob.

Argentine Photos

Photos of Argentina have now been added to in their own section.

Photos in this section have been ordered by topic rather than event or place. This includes such areas as

  • Tango,
  • People,
  • Transport,
  • Buildings,
  • Parks,
  • Barrios (suburbs),
  • In Crisis,
  • Buying & Selling,
  • Organisations,
  • and others.

Visit to see more.