Hi all. Good news. New place, new website, and life is good.

New Place
I have just found myself a private room in a hotel in the absolute centre of town for a lot cheaper than my dorm in the hostel 12 blocks out of town. I am very happy… especially since my room is much quieter as well. I have just moved today and am very pleased with my relocation.

It is right next to the cinemas on one of the two pedestrian streets (malls) in the city centre and only five minutes walk to school. With a private room, my study will be much easier and I also have a wonderful window onto the mall. Very nice.

New Website
Also, while on the topic of relocation… I have started to relocate all of my photos to a new place with more room to add the rest of them. I ran out of room at my GroovyGuppy site, so am moving them all over to this new and bigger place.

All of the old photos are now here, and are not leaning sideways anymore. They also all have captions on them. Expect new photos to start appearing soon.

The new photo site is at

If you would like an explanation of how I came up with then visit for more info.

Other Information
I am currently in the process of writing an update for you on where things are at here… expect it soon. Oh, and if you are wondering what soon is… then think in terms of up to one week and you should be close.

Until soon, Rob.