Should I Continue

Well, I have been debating lately as to whether I should continue anymore with this photo site or not. It certainly seemed like a fun idea to start with, and I still like the idea. The problem is two fold, and one of them is time. A precious commodity, I am not certain that it is worth spending the extra time to maintain a second website just for photos.

I am putting plenty of photos on my main blog site, so an idea would be to simply create this as another category of my existing blog site, putting up photos when they are there. This would also have the advantage of being able to post multiple photos for one day. The down side? Well, from what I can see, there would be no dedicated site just for photos, I probably would not search out the better shots to stick on my normal blog but rather the more descriptive photos, and there would not be a visual way of looking back through the archives (as there is now).

So if you have any thoughts towards this whole thing, let me know. Right now it is 50-50 as to whether I will do it or not. But which ever way I go, I will be finishing off this year’s worth of photos first.

Lightning Strike

Well, there hasn’t been any photos here for a short while. It is not that I am not taking them, but rather that there has been no internet for a while. After being away for well over a week, I return to my base where I both live and work only to wake up to a massive storm. Apart from the flooding, we suffered a direct hit by lightning, taking out every network component and several computers. Pretty severe stuff really.

Nobody was hurt thankfully, but we are still trying to pick up the pieces from what happened. As a result there has been no internet for some time now. I finally decided to make the 50 minute journey into town to let you know that it will be a few more days yet before I am able to catch up again, but I will retro-fill the days that I have missed when I do.

So hang in there, and new photos will start coming again shortly.

Nasty Time Out

Well, I just got side-swiped by a Rootkit virus on my machine… or at least that is what I suspect it was. Nasty thing refused to be removed, so I had to format my drive and reinstall windows again. Not such an easy task, and hench the reason for the delay in getting the photos up there yesterday and today.

The new photo blog

Hi there, and welcome to my new photo blog, called FotoSam. Why is it named this? Well, Foto should be obvious, and Sam comes from SAMafas (and is not my name as some may think).

After looking around on the Internet, I was inspired by many different photo blog sites to start one of my own. In a way it is a way of showing people something that is happening in my life today. It also comes as a bit of a challenge, of trying to take one interesting photo each day and put it up here. No comments, no discussions, just a photo. So the photo needs to say something on its own. Perhaps I will put a little something there such as location. But nothing much.

So here is the start of something that I hope to keep maintaining as much as possible. The idea of having a collection of fotos, each taken that specific day, is not only a challenge, but also a wonderful record of events, no matter how obscure the photo may end up being.

Therefore kick back and start flicking through the pages, and see what is here. I think it will be a fun journey.


PS: I thought you may also want to be inspired by some of the amazing photos these photographers have taken, so I listed some of them below: