Where is Ushuaia?

Ushuaia Splash
Ushuaia – End of the World

Ushuaia is known as being the “End of the World” and the southernmost city in the world. So where is it?

This video gives you a look at not only where Ushuaia is in the world, but also what it is like during summer days.

Los Cambios de 2010

Lo que te voy a contar es algo que probablemente debería haber dicho hace tiempo. No es que te va a afectar a tu vida en gran manera, o aun que te afecta. Pero sí, a mi me afecta a mi vida, y para mi los cambios que vienen serán permanentes.

  • El primer cambio es mudarme
  • El segundo cambio requiere residencia permanente en la Argentina
  • Y el último cambio es acerca de familia


Ushuaia base de JUCUM – el lugar a donde pronto me voy a mudar.

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The Changes of 2010

What I am about to tell you is something that I probably should have told you a while back. Not that it really affects your life in any way greatly, if at all. It does affect my life however, and for me the changes that it is about to bring will most certainly be permanent.

  • The first of these changes involves moving
  • The second change involves permanently residing in Argentina
  • The final change is family


Ushuaia YWAM base – the place to which I will be moving soon.

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Church and Buildings

Today, I wrestled with a powerpoint in the house for the morning. The electrical tubing in the concrete wall ended inside the wall and it took a while to work this out. Jorge and Isa Rios and Miguel and Olga Montt both arrived with their families in their cars. They had come from Puerto Madryn and stayed last night in Esquel, and tomorrow they head to Chile. Our evening was spent in a local church, teaching the youth and then participating in the main service in the evening, where Miguel was preaching. YWAM Bariloche is quickly outgrowing its current location so I went with a few other people to check out the new place they are likely to move to, before continuing on to the church a little later.

The church

Patricia leading the church for the evening.

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Taking the Right Step

Today was a stair day. The team went down to the local steps that climb from one neighbourhood to the next, with over 300 steps in all, to clean them up. I ended up welding a broken step in the base that had cracked, using a borrowed welder and a lot of luck. It has been a long time since I last welded and getting it right was not as easy as I first hoped. In the end, with a few practices we ended up with a workable and not-too-shabby solution.

Welding the stairs

Welding the broken step.

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Clowning Around

Down in the centre of town, some of our team dressed up as clowns to help with some of their varied presentations of the gospel to the people in the Civic Centre. There were skits, music, and some funny acts all put together for the people who were present. I was busy working in the base, fixing electrical outlets and adding needed fixtures to the windows and doors. These things had been needed for a long time so it was great to be able to help them out with that, but there was enough time to race down town and check up on how the team was going…

Clowning around

Group photo with the daughter of a tourist family in the plaza.

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Fixing the Base

One of the things that all YWAM bases end up needing is maintenance. So today was a day dedicated to doing some of the very necessary maintenance tasks around the place. The rock pathway that had been laid two years ago was now covered over by grass and needed re-laying. The guys headed outside to pull out all of the rocks and then clear a pathway. This was filled with soft dirt before replacing the rocks again to make a useful pathway once again… ready for when the snow season comes back this year.

Laying the ground soil for the rocks

Franco compressing the soil before the rocks are replaced.

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Sending Them Off

The team head off today to go evangelising in the city. They will be visiting people in the hospital also, as many there receive no visitors and so they go to spend time talking with and listening to the people who are in the beds. After this they spend a time walking around the city offering people the opportunity to know God, before returning to the YWAM base again. The day is a typical summers day… cool but not freezing, although definitely not hot either.

The team ready to head out evangelising

The team ready to head off to the hospital and then to the city.

Free Day

Today was our free day. We get up early to head over to the YWAM base where we will be staying for the next week and discover that one of our co-workers from Puerto Madryn has arrived in Bariloche. He was still asleep but we went and woke him up in a very friendly fashion. Then it was time to head out on the town.

Waking up Dawelky

Waking up Dawelky in a friendly fashion.

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Outreach – Bariloche Day 6

Today is our last day in the church that has hosted us for the last week. After a later start to the day, I head out with the pastor to the girl’s house. Just near here are hundreds of apartments in high-rise complexes. With a lot of robbery and violence in these complexes, we walked throughout their paths praying against these things and asking for God’s blessing over them.

Barrio Ayalen

Prayer walking through the neighbourhood, asking for God’s blessing over the place.

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