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South AMerica, AFrica, ASia

"These are the places that God has told me I would be going to during my lifetime." Rob Thiesfield.

Of course, if you do not know God then the statement above needs some explanation first. Let me first introduce myself. I am Rob, and am currently living in Argentina. Why I am here we will leave for another time, suffice to say that it is for a very good reason.

Now, referring to the statement above, let me answer some of your questions:

  • Q When did I actually get this from God?
    A It was during my early twenties when I was praying one night.
  • Q Does God really talk to people or is that just them thinking that He does?
    A God really does talk to people. If it was us just thinking He does then there would be many situations that I have experienced which would be massive coincidences, so big that I should be trying to win lotteries instead.
  • Q How does God talk to people?
    A There are many ways that God talks with people. Just as there are many ways that people talk with people. When you think of how you communicate with others you first consider talking, but there is also facial communications, gestures, and notes. There is times when you do something so the other person sees what you have done, and this communicates that you love them. It is the same with God, who uses many different types of communication. In the case of the statement above, it was in the form of a strong thought that came into my head when I was not even considering anything like this and had no desire to go to these places. Not just a thought, there was feelings associated with it which told me that it was God, and the thought felt like it was etched into my head so that it just would not disappear no matter what I tried to do to shake it.
  • Q How can you be sure it is God talking to you?
    A Sometimes you cannot be sure. In these situations, it is best to consider that perhaps it is not from God, and just keep it in mind. Anything from God will be confirmed by Him either through other people or through situations and circumstances. Just like when you hear a familiar voice amongst the throng of a noisy crowd, as you get to know Godīs voice it will become easier to know when it is Him speaking to you and easier to hear Him when He speaks. The best way to be sure it is God is to see if what you think He has said comes to pass. If it does then it was God. If it doesnīt then it never was. This may sound a little too one sided for God, but it is a good way of testing it. After all, if something appears to be cold you can test it by putting your finger on it. If it feels cold then it is, if it does not feel cold then it probably never was.

Over the rest of this website, I will take you on a journey of my life with God. From photos to travels to working alongside of people, you will catch a glimpse of what it is like, not to live a life of religion, but to live a life with God. They are two different things. I trust that in reading this you too will gain a thirst as I did for a real experience with God that will change your life. After all, nothing can be more exciting than to do that for which we were made to do.

Every day with God is an adventure.
Rob Thiesfield.

Copyright 2004 Robert Thiesfield.