Originally, this site was designed by me (Rob), only for my friends. As it has grown and expanded it has reached a point I never expected… unknown people contacting me about what they have read. It was started when I was single, and now continues as my family grows, with some big chunks of time missing along the way, about when I got married. I’m sure some of you will understand why.

You see, this is my life. Well, obviously not all of it. But a good part of it. Together with my wife we are working as Christian missionaries in South America. I started in the north of Argentina in Corrientes, and moved south to Puerto Madryn, met my wife and we ran a YWAM Base in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, before crossing over to Chile on the other side of the Andes Mountains to continue our work with Youth with a Mission in Pichilemu.


It was in 2003 while I was working in New Zealand that God called me to Argentina. I packed up and sold everything in New Zealand and returned to my home in Australia and did the same thing there, then headed off around the world with the money I had in my pocket with my final destination as Argentina.

There were obviously many questions that my friends and family started asking me: “Are you sure that it was God speaking?”, “Are you coming back to Australia?”, “What are you going to do in Argentina?” and many more. I found myself writing and sending the same email in twenty different ways. Soon I was sending the same email to much more than just twenty people.

Well that was at the start, but as more people heard about it, some of the previous questions came up again. I found myelf diving into my email records trying to find the message that had already answered those questions. In the end the idea of setting up a website where everyone could see each of the emails that I had written, and where I could add some photos (of my travels around the world), seemed to make more sense.

And so was born GroovyGuppy.com. The name was suggested by a friend of mine who was helping me to try and find a snappy name like that which my brother had with jellycan.com or his friend with camelfish.com. It lasted only until I arrived in Latin America. It became clear when I got here that the name “groovyguppy” was very hard to make understood in Spanish, and so I needed something more universal in pronunciation.

After some deep thought, the name “Samafas” came up. It sounds the same in both English and Spanish, and has the added advantage of also having a deeper meaning. I liked it and so it stuck.

Once I had arrived in Argentina, this blog became my outlet for the culture shock that I was experiencing. Every new or bizarre experience that I had was something that I desired to add to my blog. The act of writing it down helped me to make more sense of it.

Now that I have been here for much longer, all of the unusual things are now very normal for me. So the information here has changed once again. In all of the various forms that this website has taken, the one thing that samafas.com continues to be is a way that I can keep family and friends updated on the things that I am up to. Now that I am married, it covers kids and family, home and ministry, plus other things I want to remember or make known to friends.

The stories were written as a kind of personal on-line diary. Updates are irregular but continue. The information can be sparse at times and overflowing other times. All part of life, and in many ways this is my life. Our life. Thanks for being a part of it.

Welcome to Samafas.com.

P.S. If you would like to get involved in the things we are doing, or partner with us in any way, we would love to hear from you.